10 Months to Go!

images-1I’ve heard lots of you are wondering why I am not treating patients right now. I want to make sure you understand that I had a 12-month non-compete clause in my last contract. Very standard and completely understandable. Therefore, I cannot practice allergy in our area until January 1, 2014. I appreciate the questions and the opportunity to clarify! In the meantime, click on www.drdamin.wordpress.com and subscribe to my weekly blog (see info below on how to subscribe)! Like me on Facebook. And, as of yesterday, I’m part of the Twitter world. I’ll be talking about common allergy issues that affect those of us living in the Ohio Valley. Best wishes!

How to follow my blog and get it before anyone else…

Readers without WordPress.com accounts can follow a blog with the button that appears in the lower right-hand corner of WordPress.com sites:

Follow button

After clicking on the Follow button, a dialog box will pop up asking for the email address where new blog posts should be sent.

Follow button

Be sure to click on the confirmation link in the email that we send you. Until you’ve confirmed your request to follow, you won’t receive email notifications for new posts and updates.


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