And the Oscar Goes To…


Pollen Allergy Ads Miss the Mark

Have you seen the Nasonex commercial with the Antonio Banderas bee buzzing around? What about the Claritin commercial with the lady walking in the field of wildflowers and asking if you are “Claritin Clear?”

Here is an explanation as to why the use of bees and wildflowers miss the mark. To make my “editor” happy, I will not use the words “buoyant, postulate or entomophilus!”

When it comes to outdoor pollen allergy, the main culprits are trees, grasses and weeds. No flowers, no colors. Nothing to attract bees or insects. They can live without them. They use the wind to complete their life cycle. They are light and put large quantities of pollen into the air. Our nose, lungs and eyes just happen to get in the way.  Flowering plants often have large sticky pollen that requires the bee to carry it and it therefore, never reaches our nose.

So the next time you see a bee or a field full of wildflowers in allergy advertisement, remember it’s not the bee-pollinating, flowering plants that give sufferers the most symptoms.

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Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to create a doctor-patient relationship with any reader. If you need personalized medical advice, contact your primary care physician or other physician in your community.


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