How to (and Why You Should) Request Your Medical Records

medical recordsIf you have scheduled an appointment with me at Allergy Partners of Louisville, it is very important and helpful to obtain any medical records from a previous provider which might relate to your allergies and/or asthma.

Requesting your records is a simple process. HIPAA Privacy Rule and Kentucky law entitles everyone the right to receive a copy of their medical record.  When you contact a physician, you will be asked to complete an “authorization for disclosure of protected health information form.” Sometimes this is offered as an online form, other times a patient may mail or email the form when requesting the transfer of records to another physician. Be sure to include my office’s address: 13117 Eastpoint Park Blvd., Suite C, Louisville KY 40223,  phone number 502.882.2063 and fax 502.882.2067. A complete and signed form is mandatory before any records can be released.

If you wish to receive a copy of your records in person, be sure to bring a photo ID. Record requests can take some time. However, HIPAA’s “right to access” provision requires providers to complete record requests in 30 days. Most people can expect a typical turnaround of three-10 days. In Kentucky, there is no fee to obtain your first copy of your medical records.

Having your medical records will help me to have a complete and accurate snapshot of your medical history so that we can work to put you on the best treatment path. Call us at Allergy Partners of Louisville at 502.882.2063 if you have any questions about the medical records transfer process.


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