Getting Your Shots Closer to Home, Office or School

Shots Closer to Home

“I don’t have time.”

“It’s too far to drive.”

“I don’t get off work in time.”

“My children have after-school activities.” 

“I’ll never get built up.”

These are some of the reasons patients postpone taking allergy shots, when shots are the recommended course of action. The finale of my New Year’s Resolutions series is about overcoming the major obstacle of getting allergy shots: location.

Did you know that as a professional courtesy, most board-certified allergists, pediatricians, family practitioners and internists in Louisville will give you your allergy shots? Even if you see and are prescribed serum from another allergist. Of course, this is most often the practice when patients snowbird in Florida, have long distance commutes, or start their college careers outside of Louisville. It’s very common to send serum to student health clinics on college campuses. Already this month, Allergy Partners of Louisville has arranged for serum to be sent as far as Bronx, NY! So why don’t you consider making the same arrangements here in the Louisville area?

If you decide to become a patient at Allergy Partners of Louisville (and I would love to see you as a patient, by the way), do not let distance be an excuse for not getting allergy shots. Call your primary care doctor or another allergist’s office near your work, home or school. Ask about late night or weekend hours. See if they will take you as a “shot-only” patient. It could be the best option for you.


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