Can You Boost Your Child’s “Low” Immune System?

“The average child experiences between 6-10 viral upper respiratory infections a year. The average duration of each cold is 7-14 days. That means, on average, infants and toddlers can be sick for 4-6 months each year. With a normal bell curve distribution, 50% of children will be sick more than this. Parents, you’re not imagining things when you think your kids are sick all the time. Sometimes they are, and that’s not abnormal. Ugh.

It’s actually counterintuitive, but if your child falls within the realm of the average number of illnesses, for the average duration, this is a sign that they actually have a healthy and strong immune system. Many people mistake frequent colds for a sign of a “low immune system,” but it’s actually the opposite: it means your child’s immune system is working. So why do so many people, including some doctors, misunderstand the immune system? How does the immune system even work?” Read more below.

Source: Can You Boost Your Kid’s “Low” Immune System? | The Scientific Parent
Dave Stukus, MD – Board of Directors for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Asst. Prof. at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH.


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